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Purchasing MagicMail

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the MagicMail® server software.

MagicMail is provided to you by LinuxMagic Inc. and comes completely installed and configured for your business on the hardware of your choice. Our team of specialists will take care of everything for you, and installation and switch over are simple and carefree.

LinuxMagic Inc. is primarily a software development and support company, and most of it's products are available through it's resellers. We prefer to have you work with our resellers who can best assist you with the details of purchasing, and help you with your hardware decisions on which to run the software on, to ensure that it meets your specific needs and load requirements.

LinuxMagic Inc. has a dedicated team of Sales Professionals who understand your industry and your needs. And because every ISP, Telco or company, may have special requirements involving migration, hardware, volume, or add-ons, you will need to talk directly with our sales representatives to get the best solution for your business. You can contact our sales division by using the following contact information or by filling out the form below.

Sales Contact Information:

LinuxMagic Inc.
#405 - 860 Homer St.,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ph: (604) 682-0300
Email: sales@magicmail.com

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