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Why MagicMail?

MagicMail's extensive list of built-in features is what separates it from the alternatives. Simplicity in the use of its administration features, advanced anti-spam protection, virus protection, simple and elegant user interfaces, and high volume capabilities all come included in this complete solution.

We Are The Email Experts

The MagicMail Server provides industry-leading tools and features for your ISP. MagicMail's technology already helps protect and serve over a million mailboxes across North America and is growing rapidly. With ten years of experience in the industry, we understand how ISPs work and we have the right tools to make your email simple again.

The LinuxMagic® MagicMail server's distinct advantages are:

  • Designed specifically for ISPs and Telcos
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Lower bandwidth consumption
  • Inbound and outbound rate limiters
  • Built-in zero-day Anti-Spam protection before email delivery
  • Unlimited users and unlimited domain licensing
  • Tools to help CALEA compliance
  • 24/7 telephone & email support
  • Optional management plugins such as DNS, Radius and DHCP are available upon request

Protecting Your Server:

  • Control Files to Limit Connection Rates
  • Protection against Dictionary attacks and Email Harvesting
  • Ability to Silently Deny Spammers BEFORE delivery
  • Complete support for Public Blacklists
  • Custom Global Server Blacklists
  • Intelligent Server Verification
  • Automatic Software Security Update Reporting
  • Variable Logging Levels
  • Toggle Spam Protection Off/On on the fly
  • Complete Database Backend to handle Users
  • Complete Administration Interface
  • Different Levels of Administration User Access
  • Optional Integration to existing billing softwares
  • Allow system-wide or user specific anti-spam and virus checking (For Valid Added Revenue Streams)
  • Optional Integration With DNS and RADIUS (Dialup Authentication and Nameserver Database)

Protecting Your Users:

  • Complete User Interface allows users to customize filters
  • Database Stores all personalized rules
  • Tracks Spam hits and drops
  • Ability to Check at both connection time and delivery
  • Support for Quarantined Mail
  • SMTP Level Anti-Spam, pre Data
  • LOCAL Filtering as well
  • Mail Server Profiling
  • BMS Technology
  • Unlimited Per User Virus Checking at the SMTP Level
  • Webmail to check Quarantined mail