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The MagicMail team has developed great partnerships with some of the best companies and organizations. We are proud of the current partnerships we've made as they allow us to improve the services and products that we can provide to our customers.

OSS/Billing Partners

  • Tucows/Platypus - Platypus Billing System is a billing and subscriber management system designed to meet the back office needs of service providers. Let Platypus handle your billing and collection duties, organize your customer base and manage employee access to sensitive data.
  • BillMax - BillMax is a billing system that helps your company run steadier and more efficiently. By incorporating powerful business-enhancing features into a rock-steady billing platform, BillMax gives your business a powerful edge.
  • Emerald - Emerald is a powerful and scaleable integrated suite of tools providing billing, customer care, authentication, provisioning and much more to organizations around the world. It is designed to meet the needs of service providers or organizations requiring a robust and scaleable customer management and billing solution.

Storage Partners

Hardware Partners

  • FNGi/DHCPatriot - FNGi's DHCPatriot provides authentication and accounting solutions for Broadband Internet Service Provider's customers via the traditional DHCP address allocation method. The DHCPatriot does not require installation of proprietary software on client machines. Leading the industry in account management, redundancy, security and CALEA compliance, the DHCPatriot provides advanced reporting regarding what IP addresses are in use by which customers, how many IP addresses are allocated out of each network, and advanced graphing and remote access features. Further the DHCPatriot integrates with existing RADIUS solutions, and also has built-in authentication if no RADIUS server is present.

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