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MagicMail Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Strategy

MagicMail's Anti-Spam Strategy

Today, it is virtually impossible to provide an email service without advanced protection. Our built-in technology protects your users against spam attacks and system-infecting viruses without resorting to 3rd party tools or services. Here at LinuxMagic, we believe that the only way spam can be effectively controlled is at the Mail Server Level. We believe that it should be done at the SMTP, before any data is received or accepted. We include various filtering technologies, but we believe that simple filtering is inefficient. Because we can do 'Mail Server Profiling' at the SMTP level, not only can we detect it before all the overhead of other filtering systems, but we can also send a 'User does not exist' message to those pesky spammers, and get your users off of their databases.

Currently, it is estimated that 90% of all email server connection attempts are done from spammers and spam engines, and in some areas this percentage is even higher. If your email address is seen anywhere on a webpage, if you use a mailing list or newsgroup, or if your server is simply not robust enough to stop programs that 'cull' valid addresses, then spam will increase. We have designed a system that is proactive in reducing future attempts from spammers

There are really only 3 main ways spam can come into your servers:

  • Commercial spammers
  • ISPs who do nothing to control spammers on their networks
  • The millions of infected PCs running spam trojans without their users' knowledge

We have advanced technology in place to address each one of these cases and we recognise that other technologies, such as filtering, appliances, grey listing, or outsourcing, all have their own drawbacks. If your mail server doesn't have built-in anti-spam - you are using the wrong mail server. Filtering doesn't work on a lot of different types of email, that's why proper recognition systems need to be in place before the filtering level.

Our clients are constantly raving about how easy and effective our solution is. Our solutions are so easy, they work with just a simple click. There are no complex set of rules to manage and adjust for your clients. Our goal is to do everything we can to stamp out spam completely. Everything comes built-in and ready to go.

MagicMail's Anti-Virus Protection

To this day, networks are full of viruses and the most common way they spread is through email. Let's face it, end users do not keep their systems up to date. The only way to protect your system against viruses is to help stop your users from receiving them. By cutting off viruses at the source, you can prevent users from tying up our networks and mail servers.

MagicMail stops all viruses before the message clears the SMTP process, reducing overhead, and notifying the legitimate sender only. As standard, MagicMail comes complete with unlimited user licensing for it's anti-virus solution.