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MagicMail OSS and Billing Integration

Integration with Existing Systems

LinuxMagic understands that when buying a new system, you have to ensure that it peacefully co-exists with as much infrastructure that you currently have. In keeping with that, the MagicMail system is designed to easily integrate into your existing billing programs. Ask us about how you can integrate your billing systems and your MagicMail Servers together. This is a list of some of the billing softwares our clients are currently using. If your billing software is not listed here, contact our sales team. If it is listed, ask us about our API and current integration status.

  • Platypus Billing Software
  • Rodopi Billing Software
  • ModernBill
  • Freeside
  • PowerNoc
  • Martin Group (Omnia)
  • Emerald
  • BillMax
  • NISC/Quintrex
  • OptiGold

Using a unique Account ID for all users, you can quickly query the database from external programs to see who is subscribed to what service. With the Add-On packages available, you can track dialup usage, number of emails, DHCP usage, domains, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam features and settings, and many other chargeable items.

DNS Servers, existing database servers, current dialup modem banks, DHCP servers, and websites all can be integrated as you see fit.

Our modular design means you can even split the portions of this server into parts, reducing loads for older hardware, or scaling up to any size.

With our unlimited user licensing model, you have incredible flexibility over the setups that our systems offer.

Contact sales@magicmail.com or use the form on our contact page if you have any questions about integration, or if you would like more information about custom integration services.